Universal Red/Green/Blue (RGB) LED WiFi Compatible Controller & Dimmer without remote. Use to control up to four separate "zones" of RGB LED strips that will be linked and controlled by one or several wireless remotes or smartphones with the Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub. Synchronization function allows a single remote to operate one or multiple controllers (User configurable). Maximum load is 6 amps per channel, 24 amps total. Must be paired with Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub (WIFI-CON -- Sold separately) for adjusting all controller functions using a Smartphone or tablet running Android or iOS using the free MiLight 3.0 app.

Type 3 Channel
Input Voltage 12~24 VDC
Output 6 Amps / Ch
Total Output 18 Amps
Max Wattage 216W (12V) / 432W (24V)
Operating Temp -25°C ~ 60°C
Frequency 2.4GHz


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