Keep your home safe and secure with the Feit Electric S10.5TFL/850/MOT/BZ motion-sensing triple-head flood light. Feit Electric security lighting provides all the advantages of the latest LED technology along with timeless style, allowing you to keep areas well-lit without compromising home aesthetics. A smart low-maintenance solution, LED lighting provides up to 80% in energy savings over conventional light fixtures and decades of reliable light. Integrated 180° sensors turn lights on automatically at night when detecting motion from up to 60 feet away and keep them off during the day. Adjustable heads provide up to 270° of light. Rugged weather-resistant housing stands up to the elements while extra-bright 5000-lumen lamps keep the surrounding area well illuminated. Dim down to 500 lumens where less light is needed. Great for outdoor use in yards and on patios as a preventative measure against trespassers, or in garages and workshops as an easy hands-free way to light up a space as you walk by. It has an average life of 50,000 hours/45.7 years. The estimated annual energy cost is only $5.66. For a bright, reliable flood light choose Feit Electric.


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