ELite Recessed LED Edge-Lit Exit Sign with Emergency Battery Back-Up ELX-606-G-AL-2-MR


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This fixture is intended for use in applications where performance and appearance are high priorities.
In the event of AC power failure, the fixture provides at least 90 minutes of illumination. The product
uses long-life LEDs, which consume very little energy - less than 3 watts - and it has a rated life of
up to 25 years with no drop in illumination.
This fixture is made from injection-molded acrylic panels that are supported by a small extruded
aluminum frame.
Aluminum and acrylic panel compartments.
2-Piece flexible aluminum that contains the PC board, battery, LED source, and the upper end of
the acrylic face.
Pre-installed bar hangers
Single- and double-faced exit lights are available.
An appealing exterior is the result of the precisely designed edges of the acrylic face.
6" letters in red or green colors are within the cover. Adhesive chevrons are also provided.
Unique mounting design permits ceiling mounting.
Fits into wall or ceiling w/ opening 13-5/8" L X 4-½" W X 3-1/3" D.
Adjustable T-bar hangers adapt mounting tray for mounting in suspended ceilings or variable size
framed openings.
Plug-in wire connections and self-captive mounting screws
Universal 120V or 277V Dual Input
Normally 3 Watts, 5 Watts in Emergency Use
Light source - Led Strips
Internal solid-state wiring for charging purposes
Ni-cad battery
Minimum 90 minutes of illumination
Indicator light will reflect high charge and readiness for operation
Test Button
Short-circuit safeguard
Brown-out safeguard
Disconnection for full discharge
UL 924, NFPA, NEC, State & Municipal
Damp location approved


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