Canless LED Recess Downlight LGI 4″ DL4PP-5W7W9W-5CCT


Canless LED recess downlight.  This fixture is designed to help ease the use of the installation.  Simply cut the drywall in your ceiling and attach the fixture to the ceiling.  This process cuts down material costs along with labor costs.  Another great option of this product is that it includes 5 color temperatures.  What does this mean?  We’ve all had some type of introduction to LED’s and most of us are still confused about warm white, daylight, etc…  This product puts all the confusion aside because it has all the color temperatures within one.  If you like warm you can switch the fixture to warm, if you like cool you can switch to cool.  It is important to understand the switching must be done by a professional, it is controlled through an internal switch inside the light fixture.  We certainly hope you

Lumen output : 700 Lumens
Consumption : 9W
Driver Included : Built In
35,000 Hours : Long Life will reduce maintenance cost
High CRI: 90CRI
<20% THD: Less than 20% Total Harmonic Distortion
Direct Voltage : 120V
Energy saving : Replaces 75W Halogen
3 Year Warranty : Guaranteed to last 3 years
UL Certified: UL Certified
Energy Star : Energy Star Certified
Color Temperature : 2700K-3000K-3500K-4000K-5000K
CEC 3.1: California Energy Commission 3.1 Compliant Energy Score 301
Title24/JA8 Compliant
Includes : Junction Box
IC Rated : No can required simply connects to ceiling drywall

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 cm


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