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    Nebulite NBFL Series LED Flood Light NBFL-50w-50k

    NBFL LED Flood Light is ideal for many outdoor and indoor floodlighting applications and offers great energy savings along with an L70 Lifespan of 50,000 hours. The NBFL features a 180° adjustable knuckle mount and optional trunnion and u-bracket mounts. Installation and/or mounting is very flexible and easy to perform. The 120w version of this fixture has a slip-fitter mount available upon request. This durable and sustainable solution for LED floodlighting applications is backed by Nebulite’s 7 year warranty and is DLC Listed. It has a color temperature of 5,000k and a luminous efficacy of 130 lm/w. This LED Flood Light provides superior lighting without flickering or humming; all this within a compact and durable design. Furthermore, Nebulite’s LED Flood Lights are easy to install and operate and are Eco-Friendly; this means there is NO Mercury. With this improved lighting, there are no UV or IR in the beam and it is also soft and safe for the eyes. It is an ideal LED fixture for highlighting architectural features and a great choice for landscape lighting. It is a UL, DLC, CE and RoHS approved product and can easily replace up to 150W of any metal-halide lighting fixture.
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  • Nebulite NBFL Series LED Flood Light NBFL-50w-50k

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